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TMCC financial aid staff is available to help you.
  1. APPLY FOR A PIN (Department of Education Personal Identification Number) for yourself and your parents at the Department of Ed Pin Website .
  2. COMPLETE THE FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) at the Department of Ed FAFSA Website, and include the TMCC school code: 009450. Your application for Financial Aid will be not be complete until the FAFSA has been filed.
  3. BE AWARE OF DEADLINES for State and Tribal funding. Once your FAFSA is complete, TMCC can often create a budget estimate for you if requested.
  4. APPLY FOR OTHER SCHOLARSHIPS AND GRANTS. TMCC coordinates applications for programs such as the American Indian College Fund, but many other programs are available to assist you. Financial Aid staff can meet with you and help you find scholarships to apply for. This is very important because the Pell Grant alone is often not enough to pay for all your costs.
  5. APPLY AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE TO ENSURE YOU ARE CONSIDERED FOR ALL THE AVAILABLE AID. Remember that scholarships often have early deadlines.
  1. PLEASE NOTE: Many documents are required to apply for financial aid. Please ensure that you have current contact information on file in Financial Aid so that you can be easily contacted. Also, please respond to all requests in a timely manner. If you fail to complete the FAFSA application process annually you will not be allowed to register.

Contact Information

Financial Aid Staff Contact Information
Financial Counselor
LeeAnn DeCoteau
Phone:(701) 477-7889
Financial Aid Officer
Kodi DeCoteau
Phone: (701) 477-7896
Financial Aid Director
Alexsis Marcellais
Phone: (701) 477-7843

Other Sources of Aid